Our Belize Beach Resort's Story

Xanadu Island Resort - Our Story

Xanadu - Samuel Taylor Coleridge coined the name "Xanadu" for his imagined paradise when, in 1797, he wrote, “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree…” Some two hundred years later, Ivan and Judy Sheinbaum began creating their Xanadu - a Monolithic Dome tropical island resort on Ambergris Caye in the West Caribbean, Central American, nation of Belize. Ivan and Judy have traveled extensively over the years, owned and operated a hotel in South Africa, and developed housing and apartment complexes in Israel. Now they are permanent residents of Belize and highly excited about the achievement of their paradise.


Construction of Xanadu Island Resort began in the summer of 1998. Today, they have five domes, and one regular shaped building, housing 20 fully equipped condominium apartments. The Sheinbaums said that they “built each dome as if it were our own home.” Ivan said that they decided on Monolithic Domes for their structures because they’re “engineered to combat just about anything nature can deliver, including 300 mph hurricane winds, extreme storm surges and earthquakes.” Coleridge probably never thought of those factors when he poetically created his paradise. But Judy and Ivan did. Unlike Coleridge’s imagined Xanadu, the Sheinbaums’ Xanadu, a Monolithic Dome Island Resort, is real. Click here to find out just how strong these domes are.


Xanadu Island Resort has been awarded as the First Green Globe Island Certified Property in Belize by the International Center for Responsible Tourism.

We have been going to San Pedro Belize for 10 years and have stayed at Xanadu 4 or 5 times. The rooms are very nice, the property is lush and well maintained. It seems like they are always doing another improvement.