A Belize Beach Resort with the Most Unique Accommodations (in the World)

belize beach resort

Xanadu beach resort, located in the city of San Pedro, is one of Belize’s most unique beach resort. When construction started in 1998, owners Judy and Ivan Steinbaum could not have known it at the time, but Xanadu was poised to become not only a very unique beach resort in Belize, but also in the world. A Belize beach resort made almost entirely of monolithic domes has never been done before and here’s how it happened.

What is a monolithic dome?

Some people call them superstructures! They’re incredibly hardy, shell or dome shaped, are extremely durable and use around 50% less energy for cooling than a home or structure of similar size. Monolithic domes have several distinct advantages: affordability of building, healthy environment, protection against disasters, energy savings, and longevity. By FEMA standards they offer near complete protection against both natural and manmade disasters. In 2010, Hurricane Keith, a category 4 hurricane, descended with full force on the island of Ambergris Caye. With winds of more than 135 mph it’s incredible that save for the loss of its thatch roof the domes were undisturbed.

Building a monolithic dome Belize beach resort

Being the first in anything is never easy. With the idea in hand, and against the advice of locals and visitors, Ivan Steinbaum first traveled to Texas to learn how to build the domes. In building their monolithic Belize beach resort, the Steinbaums also decided that construction would be guided by their vision of maintaining the natural feel of the landscape. So while there is a garden, you won’t find formal plant beds, and a portion of the property remains undeveloped and unspoiled.

Tell us about the rooms

There are currently 5 monolithic dome structures and 19 fully furnished apartment-style suites. The roof is a nontraditional roof, dome shaped, and covered with thatch. The resort offers a variety of choices for solo travellers, couples, families, and groups including studio, one-bedroom, loft, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom suites. Each apartment comes with fully furnished kitchens and incredible views of the beach, sea or garden just a few steps away. They are all fitted with air conditioning, ceiling fans, in-room safes, hair dryers, cable TV and private decks.

Xanadu was the first Belize beach resort to become Green Globe Island Certified, in no small part because of our unique dome style accommodations. If you’re looking to experience something new, something different, this could be it.

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