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guest travel blog

Our recent guests, Scott and Collette, enjoyed their time here at Xanadu Island resort (San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize) so much that they wrote a blog about it!

“In the middle of the Caribbean lies a retreat so picturesque and so pure, it is the realized actuality of heaven on earth. Located on the idyllic island of Ambergris Caye in blissful Belize, this eco-friendly resort isĀ Green Globe certifiedĀ and blends in with its natural tranquil environment. Xanadu not only treats their guests like gold, but they also treat the environment with the utmost respect.

Located in the backyard of theĀ Blue Hole, Xanadu blends in with the beauty of its surroundings. The oceanfront eco-friendly property is a tranquil hideaway and the perfect place for you to recharge and revitalize on your next holiday.”

A sample of the vibrant pictures they took during their stay, of ourĀ resortĀ andĀ accommodations, are posted below, but if you want to enjoy them all you will have to visit theirĀ blog.

The Pier!

guest travel blog

Kitchen & Living Area!

xanadu island resort

The Rooms

Ambergris Caye Belize Suites

Jungle Path

Xanadu Island Resort
Visit their travel blog Roamaroo.com and see for yourself why our Belize island resort creates the perfect vacation oasis on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.