Belize City to San Pedro transportation options when visiting Xanadu

So, you just arrived in Belize at the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport and need transportation to San Pedro… what are your options?


The first option is flying from the International Airport to San Pedro. Flights depart every hour beginning at 7:40am and ending at 5:40pm. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes and currently costs US$89.75 (per person) one way and US$157.75 round trip. This is the most convenient and direct method.

The second option is flying from the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport in Belize City to San Pedro. This option however, means you would have to take a taxi or shuttle service from the International Airport to the Municipal Airport in the city. This takes about 30 minutes and currently costs US$35. There you can take a flight from Tropic Air. Flights depart from the Municipal Airport every hour starting at 7:30am and ending at 5:30pm, with the flight time also being 15-20 minutes. It costs US$54.50 one-way and US$96 round trip for adult.  Children ages 2-11 cost US$39 one-way and US$69 round trip.

Tropic Air Belize

The third option is traveling with Tropic Ferry, a Belize water taxi service. After picking you up at the International Airport, they will take you to their ferry terminal located at the Oar House Bar & Grill in Ladyville. There you will board a boat and taken to the dock at Xanadu Island Resort. Return trips are done in the same manner, where you are picked up from the dock at Xanadu and dropped off at the International Airport.  It costs US$155 round trip and takes approximately 80 minutes each way. This option is great for travelers wishing to experience the boat ride while enjoying the sun, sea and sights on the way.

Tropic Ferry Belize

The fourth option is traveling on a public water taxi service. Like option two, you will need to take a taxi or shuttle bus from the International Airport to one of the water taxi terminals in Belize City – Ocean Ferry Belize or San Pedro Belize Express. Departure time varies for each of the companies, so it is best to ask the taxi driver to take you to the terminal with a boat leaving soonest to your arrival there. If you are unsure of your return day or time it is best to just purchase a one-way ticket and decide later when on the island.  It costs US$12.50 – $15.00 for a water taxi ticket. This is the most cost-effective option but it’s best to remember the boat ride can be bumpy and windy – for the most comfortable ride sit in the middle or back of the boat. The boat rides take about 90 minutes.

Ocean Ferry Belize

San Pedro Belize Express

Of course, you may combine any of the above options as you see fit.


When you arrive in San Pedro you can take any taxi from the airport or water taxi terminal to Xanadu and we will pay the taxi driver upon your arrival here.

If you do decide to take the water taxi, please let us know which one you will be on and/or what time your international flight arrives in Belize City, so we know what time to expect you in San Pedro and at Xanadu.


If you would like us to book your island flights for you either from the International or the Municipal airport, please forward your international travel itinerary and the full names of all passengers traveling (as they appear on their passport).


If you happen to be traveling from Mexico to Belize you may either cross the border and fly from Corozal to San Pedro or take a water taxi from Chetumal. This can be done through San Pedro Jets International.

Water Jets International

* Please note rates listed are subject to change.