Do You Need Travel Insurance When Traveling To Belize?

The purpose of a vacation is to provide a chance for you to relax, enjoy the company of friends and family, and/or experience something new and unique. All of this can happen when traveling to Belize since it is a destination seen as one of the best value vacation spots in the world. However, all this can be put at risk if one of your flights is delayed, luggage lost or weather interrupts your vacation. That is why we always recommend that those coming to Belize obtain travel insurance to ensure that if something unforeseen happens on your vacation you can have the peace of mind to know that you are covered and will not suffer a major financial loss.


Aren’t I Already Covered When Traveling?

Many people feel that they are already covered when on travel with policies that are included with their credit card, health plan or homeowner’s insurance. However, although these policies do cover some things that may occur on travel, there are many instances when these policies will not be sufficient.


What Should A Good Travel Policy Cover?

There are several things that most good travel insurance policies will cover. A list of some of the most important ones are below:

  • Car rental insurance – this will pay for any damages regardless of other coverages and, if something were to occur, using this insurance could avoid increases in premiums of your primary car insurance policy at home.
  • Trip cancellation or interruption – there are many reasons that a vacation could be canceled including things like injury, illness or, in the case of Belize, hurricanes. This coverage would refund you for pre-paid, unused and non-refundable portion of the trip expenses including the cost of returning home if necessary.
  • Medical evacuation – unfortunately, there are times when injuries can occur on travel and this coverage ensures you have the resources to fly back home if necessary. It is important to look at the details of the policy to understand exactly how this works.
  • Medical expense – the details for this coverage can change based on the policy. It is important to look at the details of what is provided when traveling to a country like Belize.
  • Lost baggage – covers lost or damaged baggage beyond what may already be offered by airlines.

A policy that covers all the above should be sufficient for vacations to Belize.


Is There Anything Else That I Need To Know When Selecting Policies?

One thing to consider is that there are policies that do not cover dangerous activities…which could include scuba diving. With the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize often attracts scuba divers or those that like adventure tours. If you are considering tours that could be risky it would be good to know if your policy will cover you for anything that happens during these activities.


Where Can I Obtain Travel Insurance?

There are many travel insurance companies available. We do not have a business relationship with any travel insurance company out there but many of our guests have used Travel Guard and have been happy with their service. You can see also "The Best Travel Insurance" by


If you have any questions about travel insurance please feel free to contact us.